Is this THE Zara buy of the season?

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Anyone who knows me knows I am a big Zara fan. More than once a week I can be found in head to toe Zara and I probably manage to mention the brand in 70% of conversations, #notanad. It is always on trend, every trend, there is literally something for everyone; from floral tulle to tasseled suede. I also love that I can always find affordable pieces that I love. 

Every season there is a coveted Zara piece that we all lust after. Remember the 'stressed but well dressed' clutch bag c. 2013? I eventually tracked it down on Ebay and paid probably double the price but it was THE fashion blogger item of the season. I needed that clutch bag and I don't regret a single penny. Browsing online the other week, as per most evenings, I noticed this gorgeous faux fur jacket. Not convinced about the 'pistachio' I wanted to try it on before I bought it. I popped over to Zara that weekend and it really was love at first sight. It is definitely truer to its namesake colour than the yellow hues it photographs as and is unbelievably comfy. It isn't too thick which I actually love as I can move around easily in it, slip it off and back on on my commute and even throw it over my shoulders at my desk at work and I am not suffocated by fur. I will probably need to style it with knitwear in the depths of winter but for now it is perfect over a t-shirt or shirt for everyday. It comes in three colours and at the price of just £30 (what an actual steal) I have been seriously contemplating buying it in black as I think this would be a perfect evening piece, easily dressed up or down but able to be thrown on top of anything. The pistachio isn't a very versatile colour but I love how it makes a monochrome outfit pop. Last weekend I wore it on top of my dungarees with my (also new season Zara and blog worthy) silver brogues. 

I have already seen a few people around wearing it and a shop assistant in Oliver Bonas despaired when I told her that no, it is not vintage it is this season Zara, because now how could she resist? What else do you think is a must in the new Zara collection?

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