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Friday, 13 May 2016

One of the perks of your friends living abroad is that we have all had the opportunity to share stories about the places we’ve been and the people we’ve met along the way. My friend Alex is spending her year abroad in Rome (check out the photo diaries of my visit Roman Holiday : Part One and Part Two). She recently told me that one of her friends out in Rome has just launched her own fashion brand. Rita Casqueiro from Portugal released her first line, Typical Portuguese (or Típica Portuguesa), for her self titled brand at the beginning of March. I thought it would be cool to chat a little bit about the brand and the line. It’s always fun to find discover new creatives and, well I just love talking about clothes don’t I?

Rita Casqueiro is a brand aiming to take inspiration from feminine beauty, defined by the state of being ‘stuck on the line between being a ‘girl’ and being a ‘woman’’. Typical Portuguese, as the name suggests, is inspired by classic Portuguese culture. Casqueiro’s aim was for this not to be obvious but to create an authentic feeling drawing from the rebellious nature of young Portuguese women, I know I was hooked by this idea too. She uses only Portuguese fabrics which I think is great and really speaks to her authenticity. The patterns are bold and colourful which Casqueiro believes represents the Portuguese woman. I love that Casqueiro has looked to her roots but created something uniquely modern. Whilst it’s inspired by the Portuguese woman I feel the clothes reflect something all young women can relate to. The ever changing modernity and strive to be unique and as Casqueiro says the ‘desire for the unknown’, is something we all understand.

The collection is a combination of playsuits and co-ords, perfectly on trend for summer. The fabrics are fun and quirky definitely reflecting Portuguese styles. The pieces I am most obsessing over are those in the yellow and white fabric, adorned with a blue floral print. Casqueiro has used this fabric for a trouser co-ord set and playsuit and I just think it’s so cute whilst making a statement. Both are so versatile. I can imagine city exploring in summer in a Casqueiro outfit with my converse on and my hair in a top knot and then letting my hair down and throwing on some heels for dinner. They are perfect for holidays abroad or the cooler UK summer with a denim jacket over the top. Everything seems to have a cool air, structured but relaxed and easy to dress down and up.

You can see Casqueiro’s passion for her culture and for fashion in her designs. She wants to share something close to her which I think is a beautiful idea and one not to be dismissed. I wish her all the luck with her collection, she is definitely a designer to watch. And I definitely need a piece of the collection for summer.

I’ll leave Casqueiro’s links below, all photos are her own. Let me know what you think of the brand and its first collection!


Rita Casqueiro

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