Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Bilbao is bouncing from 30 degree heat to thunderstorms at the moment but whenever I do reach for my sunglasses I'm immediately planning the nearing beach days. A confessed homeware stalker (if that's a thing? (No really, I do stalk Zara Home) I have been perusing the summer homeware collections just to add to my list of 'things-I-absolutely-don't-need-and-probably-shouldn't-buy-but -probably-will-anyway', trust me the list is even longer than its name. H&M Home has me wanting to go on a picnic ASAP. Whilst I'm not sure mine will ever look quite as idyllic as H&M suggests (photo above) they do offer some cute and colourful picnic pieces.

These are a few of my favourite things up on their website at the moment. I am loving all of their bright floral cushions which make me want to rest my head next to a cup of pink lemonade in the grass, yeah okay you're right I hadn't imagined that jug full of lemonade, it's Pimms. I also can't get enough of these paper hanging decorations. So they may have been featured on the H&M Kids Party edit but they are what my mum would call 'Pinterest-y' and I am a fan. They do make for a Pinterest perfect picnic but I actually have a couple hanging in my bedroom that I got a while back from TK Maxx! Now, I also have to tell you I grew up in a house where all homeware was exciting so yes I do feel like I have a banana patterned napkin shape hole in my heart right now. I can't help it, I was just raised this way.

Have you started planning your summer yet? Let me know what you're getting up to below!


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