Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I am newly obsessed with other bloggers’ Happy Things, or versions of, posts. There is something so infectious about positivity and whenever I read them I immediately feel contented. I’m also a little nosey and love knowing what makes others tick. I feel like blogging everyday is really teaching me what I enjoy blogging about and what I feel is most authentic for me. So I thought I’d give my first ever Happy Things list a go! Here are five things making me smile this week.

It’s slowly starting to get sunnier and warmer and teasing me with the impression that that’s set to continue. As soon as the sun is out I think most people feel much lighter and more positive in general and it’s giving me hope that there are beach days on the horizon. And let’s face it I can’t return from my year abroad paler than I arrived so I need to get some sunbathing in ASAP.

Dinner with friends 
So as I have said before and as I will no doubt bang on again in the future it’s so important to have positive people around you. I have found that the people I have met this year have helped shape it. There is nothing that can’t be cured by going to meet friends for a casual dinner. Tomorrow a group of us are going out to a Basque restaurant, we spend too much time eating burgers over here. I cannot wait to laugh over a glass (bottle) of wine.

Birthday cards 
Such a silly little thing, but it was my birthday just over a week ago and I still have all of my cards hanging up round my mirror and every time I glance at them I smile. I know it's corny but they make me feel so lucky to be so loved.

Clean pyjamas 
I bloody love pyjamas and there is nothing better than getting into a fresh pair and curling up.

The future 
Knowing that everything is about to change, (again) I have a really positive outlook for the future. I have so many exciting things planned, and possible things to plan (no spoilers) and I really think the next year could show me some wonderful things.

So there you have my first Happy Things list. I feel more relaxed just writing it! This will definitely be a returning post. Comment below with some of your happy things this week!


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