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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

I’ve recently discovered the world of podcasts, I know I’m late to the party, but what a fabulous party it is. The kind that's totally worth the hangover. A podcast I just need to share is the Women’s Health Uninterrupted. The podcast is hosted by Senior Editor of Women’s Health, Caitlin Abber, and is branded as a place ‘where women always have the mic’. Each week Abber chats to different women; comedians, doctors, activists, all with one thing in common, they all have something to say. And I’m telling you now it’s worth listening to.

Such a variety of topics have already been covered, American politics, abortions, fashion, all discussed from the point of view of women with the question of how and why it is important to them. A couple of episodes in particular have stuck out for me. The first being episode four which is aptly titled, ‘An Angry Woman is Like the Scariest Thing You Can Be’. Women were invited to call in and explain something that makes them angry. Unsurprisingly, (and I hate that I’m having to use that word) many complaints were to do with the gender pay gap or issues like ‘old white men tell me what I can and can’t do with my body’. It’s so liberating, ironically, hearing others’ voice what you have also been questioning, albeit equally disheartening being reminded that we, women, face these issues, and we can get pretty damn mad about that. Uninterrupted makes it okay to be mad, in fact it makes being mad kind of fun. Later in the episode comedian Margaret Cho comments that there are so many different ways to be a feminist. This is so important in a time where I feel feminism and the reasons for being a feminist are being questioned - but that's another post altogether.

I can’t not mention Ingrid Nilsen who we meet in episode seven; ‘Ingrid Nilsen is Having a Period Party, and Everybody is Invited’. Yes, a whole forty-one minutes of period talk. I knew of YouTuber Nilsen before listening to the podcast but I didn't know much about her and I definitely didn’t know she had questioned Obama on why the majority of American states still tax period products as luxury items (well played girl). I want to call Nilsen brave for being so open on the topic of periods, but that in itself proves why we need these voices. So many women’s topics feel ‘taboo’ and Uninterrupted is happy to put it all on the table.

Abber is witty and knows her stuff. She’s getting us talking about what we are all thinking. These podcasts have made me laugh and (nearly) cry. I can't say more than go and listen. And as Abber says ‘stay angry and stay uninterrupted’.

H XX  

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