Zara Lust List 1.0

Monday, 2 May 2016

Okay so first I have to put it out there that I am probably clinically a Zara addict by now. I spend so much time in that shop, all six in Bilbao - no seriously I can bounce from one to the next, I deserve a loyalty card. 

Forget that whole gap yah stereotypical need for hareem pants I've moved abroad and found myself wanting to look more like Blair Waldorf than ever. Zara has the perfect chic and casual balance for me, I can get girly but I can still throw a biker jacket over it. Here are a few of my current lusts, let me know if you'd like to see an (inevitable) haul post.

I have been drooling a little over this candy floss Round Neck Coat. I never usually go for pink but I'm suddenly seeing it everywhere and I can't look away. I love how pretty this is. It's cute but the zip details give it almost a biker edge which I think is a fab juxtaposition. It even has a matching skirt, dreamy. I am also a bit in love with their faux leathers this season, particularly the baby blue and nude pink oh and if only I could wear yellow. AND they do another pink round neck but does it beat this one? Okay I just want all of the Zara outerwear.

Two words for you, FLOATINESS and FRILLS. Spell-check is reminding me that floatiness is not actually a word but I'm sure it's featured in a seventies song somewhere. I love the soft frills found in so many Zara pieces this season. It draws a little on the seventies trend but Zara make it sharper than the laid back norm. I'm also fancying a chic city bag and maybe some silver shoes? You just can't be overdressed.

There's not a lot that I don't want to be honest and it seems to change every time I walk into the shop! I want it all and I want it now. What are your high street lusts this season? I'd love to know and get some inspiration...I should probably venture further than Zara!


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