Roman Holiday : Part Two

Friday, 6 May 2016

Yesterday's post looked at my brief trip to Rome back in February by day. I've also collated a few posts of Rome by night. Full disclosure my photos absolutely do not do it justice.

On my first evening Alex took me to Castel Sant'Angelo. We wandered about the castle and I tried to take in the views but was lost for words. We made it to the top of the castle just as the sun was setting and the only word I feel fits is magical. Seeing the city lights and bustle still awake as the day took rest was incredible.

Also by night we made a wish in the Trevi Fountain and gaped at the Pantheon, another highlight of my trip. Everything seemed even more beautiful at night, even the pasta and wine.

Let me know if you've been and have any favourite spots or if there's something that draws you to Rome!


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