BIRTHDAY EDIT #3 : Gifted Jewellery

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

I absolutely love reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos on what people get for their birthday. Maybe I'm just nosey but I also find it can be a good source of inspiration when you are looking to buy someone a gift or if you want to treat yourself. I feel so spoilt this year and got some gorgeous presents. I thought I'd show you a few jewellery pieces I got for my birthday! It might give you some ideas if you need some or if you're just here because, like me, you're a bit nosey then fair play, I like you, feel free to snoop around.

The first thing I am dying to show you is my Kate Spade watch! I'd never massively been a watch person. I wanted one but I knew I wasn't going to buy one for myself and I would never be able to make a decision on what I wanted. George said he wanted to get me something that I could keep for a long time, with it being my twenty first. It is SO pretty. I love the little details Kate Spade includes in all of her designs. The watch has the classic spade on the face and on the back says 'live colorfully', a classic Kate Spade quote. I have ridiculously small wrists but on the tightest notch this fits perfectly with just a little space for it to comfortably move. It's such a simple classic deign that I feel it works with every outfit I wear, adding just a little chic touch.

I also got a couple of necklaces. I wear necklaces nearly everyday. I like delicate charms as I feel not every outfit needs a statement piece of jewellery. My parents got me this lovely 'H' necklace from Orelia. It's gold plated and not very long in length, hanging just below my collar bones, which I find is best for subtle necklaces and it will usually just be seen. The chain looks very delicate which I like as it's not the focal aspect but it's strong enough that I'm confident it won't break with wear.

I received a necklace from George's sister, Lucy, from Oliver Bonus. Oliver Bonus is just a shop baring a never-ending lust list for me. I love everything they sell from books to furniture, it's all so dreamy. The necklace is in silver and a small circle falls from the chain engraved with my initials 'HM' (everyone obviously wants me to remember my name). Again, it's very subtle which I like. I also love that the letters are bold, detracting from the daintiness. It can be worn with everything, just adding a little shine.

Both necklaces have worn well so far and I've been wearing one or the other most days, doubling them with others I have when I want to draw a little more attention.

I have been so so lucky and spoilt this year and I am endlessly grateful. These were just a few things I wanted to show you! Comment below with some of your favourite gifts!


PS. I know that the first image is quite juxtaposed to the others but I got a bit too excited about all the snazzy packaging and sequins and the unicorn card my parents got me so

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