VLOGGING : A Little Ramble

Saturday, 14 May 2016

This weekend's posts are going to be quite chatty about what's been going on and what I'm getting up to! I thought it would be a nice way to break up the month of blogging and write something a bit different.

If you have followed me for a while, or are subscribed to my YouTube channel (over here!) you will know that during my first term in Spain, and in fact just before I moved out here, I started to vlog. i wanted to document my year here and have something that I could always look back on. Also I bloody love watching other people's videos so I wanted to try it out myself. Unfortunately my laptop went kaput and despite getting my MacBook over Christmas I just didn't get back into vlogging!

However, I'm feeling newly inspired and have a couple of vlogs waiting to be edited, one from my twenty first birthday weekend! And I am filming one this weekend, which mainly involves drinking wine, so they will be up on my blog shortly! 

I wanted to really get into it for the next six weeks as it's my last chance to vlog my year abroad and I already love looking back at the footage I do have. I know my first vlogs are not the most amazing but I really am primarily doing it for myself and if anyone enjoys them then that's just the cherry on top! I'm also really enjoying the editing side.

I'm thinking about branching out and doing some 'sit down' videos. I am desperate to film a Zara haul after getting so spendy last weekend haha. And I know my birthday vlog is going to be quite a chatty one. And I would love to create some lookbooks!

Let me know your thoughts on my little vlogging ramble! Also, if you have a YouTube channel share your links below I would love to find some new channels I am a bit of a YouTube nut!


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