BIRTHDAY EDIT #1 : 21 Thoughts at 21

Monday, 23 May 2016

Well firstly sorry for failing at Everyday May. I was so busy last week (actually I still have a to do list the length of my arm) and just didn’t have enough time to schedule all the posts I wanted, to the standard I wanted. Also, I was having one of those hormonal weeks, you know when you cry because you’ve lost your favourite Kiko highlight? Yeah one of those. Thanks to my top #FanGirls, yep, who messaged asking where my blog posts were, in all seriousness that was so sweet I really appreciated it.

So after that boring ramble I am back and over the next five days you will be reading my Birthday Edits! I am dedicating five days of posts to my birthday, “who do you think you are the Queen of Sheba?”. As you may know, as mentioned in my update post and raved about on Twitter and Instagram, I turned 21 just over two weeks ago! I’m still gathering my thoughts on this milestone and who better to share them with than you?!

I’m starting this week with the necessary 21 thoughts and musings now that I am 21, don’t even, to be followed by a chatty vlog and fashion and lifestyle birthday posts, sorry no spoilers. If you haven’t skipped this part then well done and thanks, enjoy.

How do I even adult?
I mean I don’t feel like an adult and I don’t think I really look like one and I’m not really sure what proper adults do? Should I start adulting now? How do I do this? And what are taxes? 
Sidenote : my Dad says you never really feel older you just feel like you, and that essence of you is always there.

Okay I should really think about real jobs now
It’s looking more and more like Anna Wintour isn’t just going to ask me to step into her shoes anytime soon (and I mean that physically because I quite fancy a pair of Manolo’s) so I guess I should look into what people keep calling graduate jobs?

But first I need to graduate  
And I’m still not convinced I understand this dissertation thing? But people on Twitter seem to be very stressed about it and on Instagram there are a lot of people looking happy when they hand it in.

Then I can literally go anywhere

I wonder what my mum thinks about that

Actually it doesn’t matter my bank balance disagrees anyway
Maybe I should take that jacket back to Zara. On the other hand I look pretty cute in it. Do I wanna look cute or have money for food? I kinda wanna look cute.

Stop thinking about your wardrobe and pick up a book
I need to get educated and understand worldly things that 21 year olds should know.

What are 21 year olds supposed to know?
You used to be okay with a degree but now you need work experience so that you can get work experience so that you can intern for that other work experience?

Seriously what are taxes?

I'm hungry

Am I making the most of it?
I’m 21 what do I have to show for it? I’m in a lot of debt, I can’t keep my plants alive and five year olds are better on social media than me, I can’t even do tequila shots very well anymore. On the plus side I make a mean carbonara and I dress myself pretty well.

 Career wants vs societal norms
But if I do want to have kids I probably shouldn’t do it much later than 30 right and that only gives me nine years to have a high flying career and prove I’m as good as the men in the business and maybe it will be harder to work after that or companies won’t be as interested in me if I don’t have childcare or whatever and oh am I going to earn as much as men anyway?


What do I want?
For dinner, to wear, to do tomorrow, to do as a career, where to live, IN LIFE.

How often am I supposed to wash my bedding?

I wonder if we’ll leave the EU
I wonder what that will change in my lifetime.

I should read up on the politics and the economy
That seems like adulting.

I wonder how they are going to end Pretty Little Liars?

I really didn’t like Spencer and Caleb, did they even have a ship name?
I should google it.

Oh no now I’m online shopping

I'm happy 
Sometimes you just have to see what happens. I have a lot to be thankful for right now so maybe I don't have to think about being 21? Maybe I should just be 21.


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