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Monday, 24 February 2014

Although this is now quite belated I wanted to post about Valentine’s Day. I know there’s a lot of protest every year, I saw a bagillion tweets complaining about girls plastering photos of Pandora bracelets with #luckygirl all over every social networking site. In all honesty I’m not sure the abundance of bears clutching at hearts is totally for me as on the hunt for a gift bag for George’s present I nearly vomited all over a tacky display in the Card Factory. Saying this, I had an absolutely fab Valentine's weekend.

My first year away from home my mum had gone the whole hog and sent the cutest parcel; chocolate, homemade biscuits, Remember Me on DVD and lace Topshop knickers. This is completely irrelevant to the rest of the post but just wanted to shout out to the woman who gave birth to me for being utterly fab.

The rain was absolutely ridiculous on Valentine’s Day and arriving home from University that evening found me ferociously drying garments with my hair dryer. A complete waste of time obviously as I was then torn to shreds by the storm on the way to the train station. The staff in the ticket office seemed overly giddy but I suspect they were all suppressing laughter towards my appearance, hair stubborn in positions I didn’t think even Lee Stafford could get it to do. The floods were messing with trains but luckily I was directed to a coach and an uncomfortable power nap and several daydreams out of the window later I arrived at Bristol Parkway Train Station. Still half asleep, shivering and being bombarded with shouts of train destinations I panic chose a train. I really wouldn’t advise this, however, despite the surrounding passengers gabbling about getting to Cardiff I did get to Temple Meads from where I hopped on a bus and somehow managed to get off at (sort of) the right bus stop.

I don’t think I’d ever been quite so happy to see George who presented me with a bar of Cadburys because ‘I thought you might be sad because of the rain’. By this point I’d say we had about two hours of Valentine’s Day left and I looked like someone had been continuously throwing buckets of water over me
but it really didn’t matter. We gave each other presents (over the moon with Bombay Bicycle’s new album, a book on fashion in Paris and Hotel Chocolat chocolate and George equally pleased with a laser light thing and packets of Eric the Elephant and Friends). George then cooked and he treated me to cocktails in a very Great Gatsby-esque bar the following night. We lounged the rest of the time really, watched Django Unchained and had our usual Sunday scrambled egg. Honestly, I know Valentine’s is supposed to be an excuse for covering everything in confetti and buying overpriced cards that sing but I was happy to just be together and be us. Getting to spend time with George beat any Pandora bracelet. #Luckygirl.

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