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Thursday, 16 March 2017

I am writing this because it’s 18.30 on a Friday and I am the last person sat in Queen’s café on campus, getting myself in a tiz about my French listening exam in FOUR DAYS and Alex has just invited me to share photos to a folder on Facebook of our trip to Brussels last summer along with Teagan.

Scrolling through those photos has actually managed to get me out of my head a little. It has been so easy these past couple of months to be absorbed by this world of grades and really not see the bigger picture. Travelling makes me so happy. I don’t find the rigmarole of airports stressful or boring if anything I find it quite relaxing, the promise of the next adventure.

Anyone who studies languages will know the struggle of being graded, particularly post-year abroad, when you got your bloody NIE after three months of back and fourth to the police station in Spain but alas I misuse pronouns when writing speeches in class. I study languages because I love culture. I love learning about people and understanding the differences between our lives and how that varies from country, to region, to town, to barrio (what’s the bloody English word? Another issue). I study Spanish because I was never quite ready to give up, I tried Italian because when I applied to university I found out that with just a simple tick of a box I could, it was that easy, I later switched this to French because when I was sixteen my back up plan in life was to get a one way ticket to France, buy a phrase book and a sewing machine, sell clothes and eat croissants. I never bought that ticket so I had to pacify her with something. Sitting in a classroom is not when I’m at my happiest, wandering the streets of a new city is.

I have no idea where this post was supposed to go. But anyway, I think it’s important to think about the things that make you happy and the things you are constantly striving towards. Sometimes we can’t jet off when we want. I do want a language degree and I will get one but it’s important to remember that there is so much more out there. And to quote Oprah sometimes you have to do what you need to do so that you can do what you want to do. Or something wise along those lines.

The promise of the next adventure awaits whatever it is and I know it’s going to be a good one.


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