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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

This is a procrastination post as I had my Italian grammar exam this morning and it went terribly and I now can’t bring myself to start on my 1001 other assignments. I don’t even have much to tell you to be completely honest. I spent the majority of last week cooped up in the library eating strawberry laces and reading about Pronommi Idefiniti.

Last Saturday I was in the Dance Society’s annual show at the Barnfield Theatre which was heaps of fun. Jane and I were both in the contemporary class dance and Jane does tap as well which she is crazy good at. The show was named ‘A Step in Time’ so each class or dance squad was given a decade. We were the sixties and Kate (our dance teacher) choreographed a dance to Blackbird by The Beatles. It was actually really cute and involved a lot of spinning and arabesquing. The matinee show didn’t go completely as hoped as we didn’t realise the limited amount of space we’d have on stage which everyone struggled with. I actually walked into someone within the first twenty seconds of the dance which totally threw me and I then seemed to forget half of the routine. It was actually recorded so everyone can re-watch my foolery over and over again. The evening show went much more to plan, everyone remembered their steps and Kate told us she felt like a proud mum. It really was a great day I haven’t done any kind of performing in so long and being on stage really is so much fun. The competition squad performances were amazing and I’m really rooting for them all this weekend at the Loughborough competition.

Oh and my tickets for Bombay Bicycle Club arrived the other day and I am so excited. I saw them at Leeds Fest a couple of years ago and they were incredible (I did get kicked in the face but if you’re going to get kicked in the face I think amid a mosh pit listening to Always Like This is the best place for it to happen really). Also, Sarah has pledged that if she gets over 60% in our Italian grammar exam she will go skinny dipping in the Peter Chalk fountain on campus. I actually said I would if I get over 50% although I’m currently not sure if this is very likely anyway. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Or maybe not I’m not feeling a moonlit dip at Peter Chalk. 

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