Sun, Sea and Staying Stylish

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Beach season is upon us. Sun, sand, sea and, well, where does fashion fit? There are waves of tropical costumes and fifties-esque bikinis but what are you wearing with them? Nothing, sure, but what about when you go for that glass of sangria? Because we all know that one glass will turn into two and before you know it you’re shotting tequila with someone named Esteban or Javier and that's when you start to wonder whether you can still twerk up on that bar…maybe that last shot was a mistake. You can’t just pull on a hoody, and those flip flops are about six years old now. No, try taking your kimono to the beach this year to instantly chic up your beachwear and how about you don some flatforms to flirt at the beach bar? Steady on the sangria.

1.  Essie Nail Polish – Boots – £7.99
2. Ted Baker Maxi Cover Up Dress – ASOS – £89.00
3. Pink Longline Bikini Top – Topshop – £15.00
4. ASOS Stripe Maxi Dress – ASOS – £19.00
5.      Bright Stone Flower Collar – MissSelfridge – £14.50
6. HOTBED Footbed Sandals – Topshop – £26.00
7. Pink High Waist Bikini Pants – Topshop – £10.00
8.  Benitta Cream Mirrored Sunglasses – Missguided – £5.99
9. Venus Chiffon Kimono – Boohoo – £15.00

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