The Superfood Bandwagon

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

I’ve never been a health kick kind of girl but I eat my greens and enjoy the odd jog. Saying that I will always cave in a millisecond for cheesy chips and my caffeine and alcohol intake is definitely questionable.

 My family and I agreed a few weeks ago that we’d try and improve our eating habits. I honestly believe that eating well and getting in some exercise improves your mood and general outlook on yourself and life. Don’t tell me I’m being all cliché, it’s totally true!

Nearly a month into the avocado and blueberry supermarket sprees and, actually, it’s going okay. Under the influence of Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book (would totally recommend) Lydia requested quinoa and today we finally gave it a whirl.

Quinoa is deemed a ‘superfood’, high in protein and fibre. It’s similar to rice or couscous making it crazy versatile. We kept it simple; fried some tomatoes and green beans in garlic and olive oil, then added a bit of chorizo and halloumi cheese. The quinoa is left in boiling water for about fifteen minutes, throw it all together and voila! It’s that easy and, even if I do say so myself pretty tasty. If any of you have recipe suggestions let me know I’d love to try some of your favourites!

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