Sorry I am the Worst Blogger Ever (and Other News)

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Okay I know I have been the absolute worst blogger in the world. I have no excuse but I am sorry and I promise I’m back now I have drawn up a plan and everything and I am ready to blog. I’m in my second year of uni now and I’m being all mature and organised, I even iron (sometimes) and regularly borrow library books and enjoy alcohol without getting drunk. I know I’m getting old.

Being a tourist at York Minster

I had some bad news a few weeks ago as my grandma passed away so I retreated back up north for a bit to hang out with my family. I had a really lovely few days despite the situation. All of my cousins managed to get together for a curry and share so many stories, most of which revolved around baking and magic tricks, of our wonderful, wonderful Granny. I also spent a day wandering around York with my sister and a few of my cousins. It’s an absolutely gorgeous city and one I would definitely recommend if you like bric-a-brac markets and tea shops.

I camped out at George’s in Bristol for a few days last week which largely involved wailing about French grammar but I got breakfast in bed (boyfriend points) so I can’t do too much complaining. Other than that I haven’t been up to much except taking selfies and spending my loan on breakfasts, I do question the listening to pop music to studying ratio. I have the Adventure Ball next weekend, basically black tie at a jungle gym. I am super excited although I have no idea what I’m wearing yet, I’ll take loads of photos I’m sure.

House bonding over hash browns

Thank you so much to anyone that is still reading and actually still visiting my blog, I know I’ve been rubbish but I’m back now and cross my heart and kiss my elbow I am trying to regularly blog. I’m also writing for the uni arts magazine blog Razz so you can find me writing about fashion there too.

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