In the Kitchen: Candy Bar Cookie Bars

Thursday, 20 November 2014

I did a spot of baking yesterday for the Footlights bake sale today. Now baking isn't something I'd claim to be good at, I'm definitely more of a savoury girl but I can just about follow a recipe. There was no doubt about it, in my dashing polka dot pinny I was ready for action. 

I chose a recipe from Joy The Baker a beautiful blog I stumbled across a while back. Inspired by Halloween leftovers I found a cute recipe for Candy Bar Cookies Bars. I chose to add a couple of the Cadbury’s pouches; 'Caramel Nibbles' and 'Marvellous Mix Ups' (wow by the way). This recipe was such a fab twist on everyday cookies and super easy to follow. You can put completely your own twist on them and add your favourite treats, mixing it up every time you bake them. I was actually quite proud as this was my first baking attempt in a long time and such a good recipe to get me back into it. I’m sure they were nothing on Joy’s but I loved giving it a go.

When I checked up on the bake sale everything seemed to be going well and there were only two of my cookies left! I got some lovely compliments as well and I don't want to blow my own trumpet here, but I will say that the girls did gasp when they saw them so I guess I didn't do so badly huh? If you fancy giving this a whirl find Joy's recipe here. What surprises would you stuff your cookies with?

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