Boudoir-ing on a Budget

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Now that I am living in a house I get ridiculously over excited about homeware. I invested in an iron-woven, heart shaped fruit bowl and whilst no one else seemed to be very enthusiastic about my purchase I see it as the piece de resistance of our kitchen. I think my hot pink bath mat is probably over looked too but it's without a doubt these little touches that make a room.

As a student it's hard when your loan is supposed to go on books but you've been lusting over some crushed velvet bedding for what feels like forever. Time to reign in the splurges when it comes to bedroom decor. Your room can feel just as pretty without all that spending. Personally, I prefer very simple bedding. I alternate between white and pink sheets but absolutely douse my bed in cushions. Cushions are easy decor but still feel sophisticated. I wouldn't rule out high street shops when it comes to this sort of thing. Shops such as H&M are generally cheaper than brands who specialise in homeware but equally fashionable. I would also love to shower my room with fairy lights. As the evenings get darker they immediately lift my mood and create such a chilled and cosy vibe. Primark do a great range of fairy lights and are very reasonably priced too. Although if you do fancy treating yourself I'd recommend Not on the High Street for some quirky finds. Furthermore, do not forget about Ebay when searching for 'trinkety things'. Jewellery boxes and stands are such stylish finishing touches and if you can get your hands on a one of a kind then even better!

Have fun with colours and patterns and inject our personality into it. The great thing about your bedroom is that is yours and styling it is such a great creative outlet. You don't have to spend a lot either, a few tea lights and trinkets here and there will make all the difference to your boudoir.

1. Wine O'Clock Cushion - £9.99 - Dunelm
2. Cream Bird Mantle Clock - £12.00 - ASDA
3. Blackcurrant Blanker - £9.99 - Dunelm
4. La Petite Rose LED Lights - £15.00 - ASOS
5. Velvet Cushion Cover - £15.00 - H&M
6, Glass Flower Drawer Knob - £3.95 - Not on the High Street
7. Painted Floral Throw - £45-£65 - Next
8. Butterfly Plum Cushion - £14 - Next
9. Varby Table Lamp - £10 - IKEA
10. Glass Hexaganol Boxes - £12.99 - Treasure Box
11. Glitz and Glamour Storage Box  - £8.99 - Dunelm

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