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Friday, 3 April 2015

Instead of doing a monthly favourites feature I thought I’d do something a little different. Once or twice a month I’ll show you three things I’m loving. Today I’m going to share my current favourite phone apps.

Yik Yak

Oh my word. I got Yik Yak a couple of weeks ago and I am obsessed. The app was launched two years ago and allows you to anonymously post ‘Yaks’. It’s a little bit like tweeting. People post what they’re doing, quotes, jokes; all sorts. It shows you other yaks in your area and you can vote them ‘up’ or ‘down’, essentially like or dislike them. Through voting on others yaks and your own being popular you acquire ‘yakarma’ points. Also the app allows you to peek at other areas from all over the world. It’s largely aimed at student campuses and I can’t deny the walk of shame yaks are a good giggle. I’d recommend it to students in particular. It’s just hilarious. Especially at the end of term when you realise you aren’t the only one ten episodes into a new series on Netflix but only ten words into you essay.


This simple little app is super cute and handy. You can link Nuzzel up to one of your social media accounts. It then streams any links and articles that have been shared by those you follow. The app can also alert you of the most popular. Mine is linked up to Twitter as I love scrolling through posts from Vogue as well as other bloggers. It’s really useful if you follow a lot of people and want to scroll through purely articles. I love that it’s so easy to use and collects everything I want to read.



Ever wanted to send your friends a video of you lip-syncing 'See me Rollin'? Well you do now. Dubsmash lets you chose an audio recording and film yourself lip-syncing it. You can send it or share it on social media sites. They have a ridiculous ranges of categories of well-known quotes from comedy to love and swag and gangster, yes that is a category. My personal favourites are film and TV quotes. The Legally Blonde and Gossip Girl sounds are great. You can’t help but laugh at the crude Geordie Shore recordings. And the hangover ones are fun to spam the group chat with on those difficult mornings. My sister and I sometimes attempt to have conversations through Dubsmash videos. Safe to say it’s nonsensical. But let me know if you have more success.

I can’t lie picking just three was quite tricky. I’m constantly scrolling Instagram and sending Snapchats. However, these are my three favourites of the moment. Let me know if you’re liking any of these, or any other apps, I’m always up for trying out a new one.

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