What's the Deal with Kale?

Friday, 10 April 2015

What did we do before Kale? What vegetable did we Instagram? Had a vegetable been featured on a sweatshirt before? (If it’s sported by Beyoncé you know I’m gonna be interested). What’s the big deal with this cabbage relative?

Okay so it’s pretty tasty. I like it with a medley of veg and quinoa, because I love all the health food clichés. Or it’s good on toast with a couple of poached eggs. I get it. It’s a good vegetable. But it’s got nothing on spinach or asparagus. I now feel like I see it everywhere. You suddenly aren’t healthy if you don’t eat kale. It’s the most stylish vegetable of the moment.

So here’s the lowdown. It’s high in fibre and low in fat. It’s packed with antioxidants so helps protect against cancer as well as being good for our skin, amongst other things. Kale is full of different vitamins. K; for bone health, furthered by all its calcium, and blood clotting, A; which is good for our sight and skin, C; great for your metabolism and immune system.  It’s a great detox food as on the whole it aids so much of your body, including the liver.

So you could probably guess a lot of that just by noting it’s colour but you can’t dispute the fact that it tastes good and it does good. I’m a fan. I’m not beside myself in the supermarket aisle for it but I can get on board with the fad. Let me know your thoughts and any good kale recipes below.


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