Vogue Festival: The Lowdown

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Back at the end of April the Vogue Festival was held in London. It was a weekend fashion wonderland with speakers from across the industry as well as styling sessions, photoshoots and of course; a gift shop. I barely had to ask my sister to accompany me and she’d chosen her outfit.

I arrived in London and met up with Lydia for a latte in Patisserie Valerie. We had an all-important catch up before catching the tube to Kensington where the event was held at both the Royal College of Art and the Royal Geographical Centre.

We perhaps spent a little too long wandering the borough; browsing book shops and tapas menus before settling down for lunch in Carluccio’s. This is a personal favourite of ours and after some seafood and a glass of white we were ready to continue getting lost around London.

We did eventually find the Royal College of Art fronted by a Harrods doorman, the event was in association with the department store. Before we even walked in we were giddy, maybe we’d get street style snapped or discovered as models. Well girls can dream. I have to admit we didn’t get there early enough to do everything. You could have your make up done by Bobbi Brown, Topshop had a nail bar and the end goal was of course to get your photo taken in a mock photoshoot complete with Chanel accessories. I decided to get my hair done whilst Lyd explored and watched a style talk. 
Amidst the hair spray and curling tongs none other than Jean Paul Gaultier appeared. I can honestly say that it was the most star struck I have ever been, he looked right at me and said hello to which I mustered a kind of ‘urghmmhi’ sound. We then of course perused the gift shop, I opted for an over-sized t-shirt with the Vogue logo, can’t help being a fan-girl and Lyd got some cute stationary.

We then went across to the Geographical Centre to see Gaultier speak. I want to write a full piece on Gaultier as he really was so interesting and needs more than a paragraph. He was joined by model Erin O’Connor; crazy gorgeous and even crazier tall. The talk was quite informal with O’Connor directing the conversation with questions and Gaultier sharing titbits of his life and career. The thing that most struck a chord with me was his discussion on the role of gender in fashion and makng sure that the model’s personality is shown by what he dresses them in. It really showed me another perspective to the industry and designers’ outlook.

The whole day was a new insight into the industry and reaffirmation that it’s an industry I want to have a career in.

Did any of you catch the festival or plan on going in the future?


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