Just a Thought on: Style

Thursday, 25 June 2015

I always find when working out my wardrobe for the season that I question the vast majority of what I own. I’ve never been great at capsule wardrobes. My wardrobe is a blizzard of different cuts and colours, of materials and patterns and different styles. And this is just a note to say that that’s okay.

I’d usually say I’m dead girly. I get questioned for ‘dressing up’ as day wear but sometimes a day calls for a flouncy skirt and it’s no secret that I don’t exactly own a lot of flat shoes.

I love soft skirts and dresses; midi, mini, maxi. I love pink. I love anything that sparkles. But I love wearing black. I love my Doc Martens. I like stripes, I like florals, I love monochrome, I love really big hats, I love really high heels and I love anything with laces. I love anything in leopard print and I love blazers and brogues. I like winged eyeliner and I like subtle eyeshadows, bold red lips and peach shades too. For a while, and I guess this comes with growing up, I thought nothing matched and that my ‘style’ was forever changing and I couldn’t make it work. It was as if I was waiting to wake up one day and suddenly know what my style was. ‘Yes this is who I am and this is what I want to say.’ I’m learning that in reality one day you might wake up and put on your absolute favourite outfit and the next day you might want to throw that outfit away. I might ‘be’ someone different today and have something different to say. And that’s okay. We’re always changing. Style evolves and it doesn’t have to be set in stone, or on your hanger. Style is about playing. It’s about experimenting and learning. Sometimes we will look back and cringe, because really double denim is quite hard to pull off whatever Britney and Justin say. That’s OKAY.

It’s more than okay. It’s what makes everyone unique. We take fashion and we make it our own. And I think that’s pretty bloody wonderful. 


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