In Other News: Whitby

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

 Last week my boyfriend George*, his mum, sister and I trundled up to Whitby, North Yorkshire seaside town, to spend some time in the sun and eat too much ice cream.

*George requested upon reading this that he be known to you as ‘Lord George’.

 We stayed in a sweet cottage on the outskirts of Whitby. Whilst it was pretty much in the back of beyond and there was no wifi (what if ASOS add new lines to their sale?? And don’t even get me started on Instagram) this proved perfect for a laidback week. We questioned at first the nature of this ‘Hot Fuzz’ village, where were all the locals? And why did the church bell sound every seven minutes to and past the hour?? NB. I found a 2013 Vogue amongst the magazines abandoned by previous holiday-makers and that got me through the fashion imagery deficiency that the lack of internet held me to.

It was so nostalgic to be back in the Whitby area, a place I remember as somewhere I would ride donkeys on the beach and play on the 2p machines in the amusement arcades. That air of fish and chips and crashing waves is just so British seaside. We spent an afternoon strolling around Whitby, we walked from Runswick Bay to seaside Staithes (the views - wow!), there were also a couple of days spent lounging on the beach, a lovely medley of holiday activities.  It was also fab to spend some more time getting to know George’s family (we’ve been together over two years now but being at uni obviously limits time spent with each other’s families) I feel like I’ve been inducted into the family. How do you find going away with your boyfriend/girlfriend/etc’s family? I think it’s the best way to really get to know everyone.

My favourite outfit of the week was what I wore on our walk from Runswick to Staithes, albeit told off by a passing hiker for opting for my pink Hunter’s and not walking boots. I wore my Topshop denim dress (S/S14), with my accessorize rucksack and Betsey Johnson cat eye sunglasses (all of which are no longer online but I'll link some other suggestions below!). I actually wrote a post on my dress last spring, here. It kept me cool on our heatwave hike and felt fairly practical whilst being a fashion item. Fashion vs practicality - the struggle is real.

Do any of you have any exciting plans coming up this summer? I’m off again next week to Cornwall which I’m very excited about. Keep your fingers crossed for some sun for surfing and horse riding! I’m going to pass on the fishing trip, sorry Dad.

PS. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a guest blog piece for Vanilla Underground on festival fashion chec it out here I’d love to know what you think!


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