The Body Shop: Store Restyle and Product Preview

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I think the first thing I ever bought from The Body Shop was a hairbrush. It was pink and yellow with a polar bear on it and I thought it was the bomb. Fast forward about ten years I never would have believed my first blogging event would in fact be at The Body Shop store in Meadowhall, Sheffield. A look at their restyled store and a sneak peek at some new products. As I walked into the store I was greeted by the cheerful body shop staff I hoped I looked sassy, calm and like an established blogger (whatever that looks like?) but really felt quite hungover and a little nervous.

I’d never been to a blogging event before and had no idea what to expect. This alongside the fact that beauty and skincare is something I don’t often blog about had me wondering what I would think of the evening. I was offered a drink and a nibble and introduced to manager Sophie and her colleagues Chanelle and Charlotte. Sophie talked us through the restyling of the store. It looks fab. It’s simple but friendly as the colourful products brighten the shop floor. An island in the middle of the shop has been fitted with sinks; great for product demos as we soon found out. It’s actually one of the few stores outside London to have had this opportunity.

The most exciting part of the event was of course being shown the new spa products which are to go on sale in September. The range is made up of scrubs, creams, oils and body clays. Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil, Japanese Camella Cream, Hawaiian Kukui Cream (think holiday in a jar), every product seems to share a spa secret from around the world. A personal favourite of mine was the Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath Powder. It smelt divine and just a pinch added to a bowl of water showed us how milky it will make your bath. The idea was inspired by Cleopatra’s love for milk baths. If it’s good enough for Cleo, it’s good enough for me.

We also each had a hand massage choosing products from the range we wished to try. I opted for the Dead Sea Salt Scrub, the Hawaiian Kukui Cream and Tahitian Orchid Oil. The products really worked and felt great on my skin. I never wanted to wash my arm again it smelt so damn good and I felt insanely relaxed. NB. I did shower the next morning. It was great to attend such an intimate event as there were only five bloggers there, myself included, meaning that we could freely wander the store and ask questions. They were also kind enough to let us purchase from the range. I grabbed a Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay which I can’t wait to try and of course I’ll tell you all about it! And of course I can never say no to perusing lipsticks so there may have been a cheeky ‘Colour Crush’ purchase.

What was your first blogging event? And what do you think to The Body Shop? I’d love to read your comments below!


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