Pootling Around Padstow and Other Cornish News

Saturday, 18 July 2015

It’s the penultimate evening of my week in Port Isaac, Cornwall. It’s so easy to forget how beautiful England is and Cornwall really makes me appreciate this. I’m currently writing with a glass of Merlot looking out to the Port Gaverne cliffs which frame the idyllic Cornish sea. The only thing that bursts my novel-written-scene is that I have The Millionaire Matchmaker on in the background but I’m a twenty first century writer and have a slight reality TV addiction.

Me, my family and George rocked up to the West Country last weekend. The weather wasn’t fab at the beginning of the week so we did a lot of pootling, pootle being a word my mum overused but has become a new favourite of mine. We went wandered around Padstow with a Cornish pasty and scoured Joules and White Stuff as you must in Cornwall. We also scouted Wadebridge another cute town that evoked visions of patchwork bunting and nautical patterned attire. Whilst I didn’t buy more than a postcard wandering and taking in the scenery is one of my favourite things to do when I'm away.

It wasn’t ideal sunbathing weather at the beginning of the week but we still hit the beach to attempt some surfing. We all donned wetsuits and after a game of ‘bulldogs charge’, some stretching and a rundown of how to get onto your surfboard we were deemed fit to run down to the water. Okay so I’m not the next ‘enter pro-surfer’s name here’ but after an hour I had stood up on my board and had a lot of fun so I’d say it was successful. We were gutted to arrive at the beach today to find that waves were few and far between but luckily the sun had made an appearance. This called for coffee and sunbathing.

We’ve also done some walking and George and I went for a run over the headland the other morning. All in all I’ve had fabulous seafood and plenty of wine with the best company. What’ve you all been up to? Have you been on any fun holidays this summer?

NB. I am now snug at home watching Gossip Girl after spending eight hours squashed in the back of the car with severe cramp in my left butt cheek. I am so ready for a Chinese takeaway.


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