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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Goodmorning dolls,

This is just a little post to let you know where I’m at. As you know I’ve just moved to Spain, ‘what the hell?’ I know. It’s been kind of hectic as you can imagine. I’m now onto week four and feeling settled, sort of. So sorry posts have been scarce, I’m working out a balance for everything at the moment - blogging here, for other brands, work, uni work, socialising and getting to know this beautiful place (my brain is scrambled egg).

I realised part of the reason I wasn’t really motivated to post, aside from time, was that I’ve had a little change of heart about what I want to post. My favourite post of the summer was on my Unique Boutique Co-ord. I realised personal style posts were probably my favourite although it’s tricky over here with no photographer.

SO; (am I rambling too much? Let’s cut to the chase) I decided it was about time I get my sh*t together over here.

Carpe Everything is going to be an inspiration diary, who and what in the fashion industry and further afield is catching my eye. I want to a hundred per cent be myself on here and 'find my voice' or whatever it is clever writers do.

I really enjoyed writing about Paul Smith and Grace Coddington, so expect a bit more of that kind of thing. There will also still be some lifestyle posts, of course, and now that I’m away I’ll be bombarding you with travel photo diaries no doubt, and the occasional vlog; self-promo again, check out my Madrid vlog here.

Over at Unique Boutique I will still be discussing a wide range of fashion topics, including celebrity style. I am also starting a column over at Razz Magazine, my uni’s arts and lifestyle mag. This will include personal style, hauls and hopefully some street style – all about how I’m finding fashion in Spain.

As always there will be links up here for you to have a gander at what I’m doing elsewhere and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if you want to be super up to date because I'm bloody obsessed and probably post an annoying amount over there.

Thanks for reading this ramble and a half. I just wanted to let you know my plans. I’m also always up for suggestions or just knowing what you think! Feedback is always super useful.


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