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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

‘I think I got left behind somewhere, you know? Because I’m still a romantic.’

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I was watching The September Issue for maybe the millionth time and I just had to share this quote. The September Issue follows the creation of the 2007 September Vogue publication, in which Grace Coddington, Creative Director, is a focal point. This quote really strikes a chord with me. I feel like Coddington is explaining how she works creatively in this one quote. She’s a dreamer. She wants the fashion shoots she directs to be inspiring and magical, to tell a story.

In this documentary you see how passionate she is. Coddington puts together outfits that shouldn’t make sense yet on camera come to life. Take the twenties shoot for this issue with Steven Meisel for instance. The styling could have looked messy. Such harsh make up with soft yet grand dresses. Layers of jewellery and..pugs in tutus? Coddington put pugs on a 1920s themed shoot and if that’s not inspired I don’t know what is. It shouldn’t work but it just does. You can see her very obviously disappointed when some of the photos she wanted in the issue are to be cut out, the twenties shoot included. Coddington is clearly very involved in her work and invested emotionally. This is what makes the difference between a good set of images and a set that really captivate the reader. She won’t let go of the idea that fashion is fun, it’s art, it’s everything and anything we want it to be. It’s not always supposed to make sense and this is what I love about Coddington’s work. She embraces the unusual.

I love the idea of her sitting at home as a teenager on the Island Anglesey waiting for her monthly Vogue which opened her eyes to a world so different to her own. One she dreamnt of being a part of. Coddington has been so successful and you can see why. She’s quirky, knows what she likes and goes with her heart. I take this as a way to live. Coddington inspires creativity and romanticism and these components make the fashion industry compelling.

Have any of you watched The September Issue? What did you think? And what are you thoughts on Coddington?


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