Saturday Morning: Granola

Saturday, 28 March 2015

I’m kind of a breakfast queen. I can’t leave the house without having had the most important meal of the day. I used to be the kind of girl who would scoff a piece of toast whilst running out of the door but breakfast has become a major part of my morning routine and I love trying new things. I recently had a go at making my own granola and can’t believe how good and simple it was.

It is so much easier than I anticipated. Not that I mind spending a bit of time in the kitchen, I find it quite therapeutic. This really is a throw-it-all-together job though. Pop a couple of cups of oats into a bowl and then whatever you want to flavour your granola with. I went for berries; raspberries, blackberries, red and black currents. Most recipes recommend using dried fruit. This would probably last longer but I bought frozen fruit as it’s cheaper and it still worked. I didn’t make a massive batch – and it was totally addictive – so I polished this off within a week. I also threw in some pumpkin seeds to add a bit of a crunch. I then added honey, about 100g. All you have to do then is stir it all up and spread it onto some grease-proof paper on a baking tray. I cooked it for about twenty minutes on 180°C. Wait until it starts to look lovely and golden then take it out of the oven. Once you’ve let it cool break it up and grab a spoon! I love, love, love Onken yoghurt and poured raspberry over my granola but it’s also fab with milk or whatever you fancy.

Making granola yourself helps you steer clear of all the added sugar and artificial ingredients found at the supermarket. Its base, oats, are a great source of fiber.It's then up to you what you add. I would seriously recommend attempting your own granola if you’re looking for something different for breakfast that you can totally make your own! What would you sprinkle into your breakfast creation?


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