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Friday, 15 January 2016

If you read my 2015 in Travel you’ll know I decided to split my 2015 ‘review’ into travel and fashion. Fashion is something that has always been important to me. I wanted to chat a bit about what I’ve been involved with fashion wise and a couple of events that have inspired me. These are the things that really motivate and inspire me to blog.

  • January saw the Footlights production of Evita. I was a costume assistant for the show and had loved spending the few months before sourcing, buying and styling clothes for every costume. It was such an amazing experience I loved being involved in theatre and being backstage during production week with all the costume. 
  • I have been writing for Razz since the beginning of my second year at University. In February last year I leaped at the chance to be more practically involved with the magazine. I became Creative Director for their print fashion shoot. I was involved in deciding where the photos should be taken and I got the chance to style outfits and hair and make up which was so much fun. I even remember what I was wearing that day – all black and my faux leopard print. 
  • In March George and I went to Bristol Fashion Week. We went to a panel talk on careers in the future of the industry. It was really interesting to hear people who inspire me talk about their views on the industry. Later whilst I was eating seafood and sipping wine in Carluccio’s Cosmo’s fashion director Shelley Vella followed me on Instagram and MIC’s Lucy Watson liked my photo, so lots of fangirling. I then left G with his Americano and watched the fashion show myself which was a parade of the latest lines in Bristol’s Cribbs Causeway. It’s cliché but I left feeling to excited about the future, going back to this time in my head still makes me giddy.
  •  April was Vogue Festival! Me and Lyd headed to London to check out the Jean Paul Gaultier talk which was unreal. Gaultier is so bloody cute as well! And what he had to say was so interesting. It was a great reminder of why I love fashion and that it isn’t a wholly superficial business as it’s sometimes portrayed. Gaultier had lots to say on gender and personality in fashion.
  • Over summer I worked on my blog a lot and began working with Unique Boutique London a brand I am so happy to be affiliated with. We have built a great working relationship and I can’t wait to see how the business progresses this year and hopefully get more involved. You can read all my UB blog posts here.
  •  I also started a new column at Razz entitled Bilbao Style Diaries. Unfortunately as my laptop then broke I have only written one piece for my column! I am now so excited to start writing regularly about what I’m wearing in Spain.
I am so excited to see what this year brings. I hope I can get more involved in fashion and do some interning and work experience! I want to develop my knowledge of the industry, keep developing my own style and get inspired! What are your fashion and style hopes for the year?


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