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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

So I know this is a little late to the 2015 review bandwagon. I thought it would be fun to do a little review on travel highlights and one on fashion highlights. We’ll start with travel as that was something that actually turned my life upside last September, but let’s start at the beginning.

At the beginning of the year I pottered around England and it went something like this:
  •  In my Easter break I spent a few days in the Lake District with George’s family. The trip coincided with mine and George’s two year anniversary which was so exciting and it was so lovely to just be outdoors in such a beautiful location
  • I also went up to stay with my best friend in Newcastle. Whilst I didn’t get to see much of the actual city my hangover told me the nightlife is worth a visit (and I would like to return to wander around a bit).
  • I went to London for Vogue Festival which I’ll elaborate on in my fashion review. I will say, however, that I have always loved London and I stayed in Notting Hill which was just divine.
  • Naturally there were lots of trips in and amongst Exeter and Bristol. I’d recommend Topsham, just outside Exeter about twenty minutes by train, as a good village to wander on a Saturday afternoon and finish with a pint. Summer began with a trip to Whitby with G’s family. Whitby always makes me feel so nostalgic and I had a fab time visiting for the first time in years!
  •  My family then trundled down to Cornwall a place I love and sometimes you just can’t beat a British summer holiday! We surfed and walked, albeit mostly in the rain but good food, good views and good company.
Further afield:
  •  My first (of eighteen omg!) planes that year took me to Venice. I had never been to Italy before let alone a city like Venice, one which had been pretty high up on my bucket list. It was absolutely wonderful, I grew closer to G’s family and felt really lucky to see somewhere new.
  • Amsterdam was birthday present to my sis, courtesy of my v generous parents. We both flew out for a long weekend. I fell in love with the city. It is honestly so pretty. We wandered around museums and ate pancakes. It was a great way for my summer to come to an end.
  • At the beginning of September mum and I came over to Bilbao to explore and find me a flat. There were tears. I think it hit me that I was about to move to a foreign speaking country by myself and I was extremely overwhelmed. I am so lucky my parents were (are) so supportive despite my year-abroad-mood-swings.
  • Then came the day that I had to get on a one-way flight to Spain. I cried and I cried some more and then I got myself on a plane.
  • After being in Spain for ten days I went over to Madrid for a British Council conference and I managed to see some of the city as well.
  • Once I’d settled a bit I flew to Gran Canaria for a much needed weekend away to see Teagan. It was lovely to regroup with someone who totally knew what I was going through and totally gets me.
  • I then made my first trip to Bristol to visit George. I got all too confused and excited about the tap water and cheesy chips and proper pints in a PUB. Seeing George was also really good for me – long distance is not easy kids. I’m so lucky he’s been there this year to listen to my stories; good and bad.
  •  I was then all too excited to go to Germany for the first time! Me and ‘my girls’ (how are you supposed to say that without sounding cliché? But they are) met in Dusseldorf and explored the Cologne markets. I think there were tears, I know there was gluwein. Oh and strudel, strudel is a must try in Germany. Again I’m going to repeat HOW LUCKY I AM. I have wonderful friends and being apart this year has probably made us stronger.
  •   And then after my last few weeks of term I flew home for Christmas to eat cheese and drink prosecco for three weeks.

Let me know if you'd like to see a Venice photo diary!

*Breathes* wow just writing that made me exhausted. 2015 was the most challenging year of extremely high highs and extremely low lows. I have massive respect for anyone who has ever moved abroad alone it’s amazing don’t get me wrong but it is tough. Am I ready to do it all over again? Probably not but I know that I can.

Check back on Friday for 2015 in Fashion.


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