Back up North

Thursday, 3 April 2014

After submitting all of my coursework, spending a much deserved day at the pub, which of course included curly fries, several rounds of Ring of Fire and Presidency followed by Mosaic’s Beats and Bass night, my last ever hungover first year lecture and Chilli and Lime Chicken pizza at Firehouse with a toffee cider I was ready to make the journey back up north. My Gossip Girl box set managed to keep me entertained for the majority of my five hour train ride and as I approached Wakefield I began to get overly giddy at the prospect of being surrounded by Yorkshire accents. Apparently my accent had developed a southern twang but I think now my accent has readjusted and I’m slowly getting used to the Antarctic conditions up here.

Post-pub walk on campus last week
I spent the whole of Mother’s Day with my mum visiting family. One of my cousins has just had a beautiful baby girl so I got to meet her and I also saw my Grandma who’s sweet as pie and is still bursting into song at random intervals. Sunday evening was spent taking selfies in bed with my mum and sister, Lyd. Dad then cooked, i.e. went out and got a Chinese takeaway, and George recently bought us matching chopsticks so I tried mine out – yes, we are one of those couples that have things like matching chopsticks. It was so lovely to just be with my family and chill out. We watched The Butler which I would definitely recommend especially if, like me, you’re a sucker for a good historical feature.

I caught up with my best friend Lucie, we had lunch on Monday and she stayed here last night. It is insanely good to be back with her. I also saw my cousin Emerald and Little O (her baby Oscar) which was a cute, and actually slightly emotional afternoon. Em has asked me and Lyd to be bridesmaids at her wedding and we are all so excited it’s unreal. We spent the whole afternoon gushing about dresses and flowers. I’m just so happy for her and being able to celebrate with her as a bridesmaid is absolutely the cherry on top.

Nothing beats Mum's baking
That was just a quick catch up but seeing as I’m currently procrastinating from revision I’ll try and get into the swing of this blog thing, I promise!

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