Five Minutes in Venice

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Firstly sorry there hasn't been a lot popping up recently. I've been all over the shop travelling and trying to get over the fact that I'm moving to Spain in three weeks??

I went to Italy with George's family a few weeks ago which was awesome! I'd never been to Italy before and whilst that one year of studying Italian only helped me to ask for a fork, wow it is a beautiful country. There was a lot of sunbathing, prosecco-drinking and cheese-eating; basically all my favourite things. However, we also did some exploring. We stayed near Venice so obviously that was a must. We had a lesson learning to row a gondola, what a way to see Venice. It's just stunning. George, his sister Lucy and I made our way back to Venice later in the week to see the Biennale, a massive contemporary art exhibit held annually in the city. This is what is hard about being a blogger because really words escape me when it comes to the Biennale. For lack of words and also so that I can see a little part of my trip again and again I thought I'd film bits of Venice for you to watch.

This is my first ever YouTube video so let me know what you think and your thoughts on Italy! Music credit goes to George check out his link in the description box. There will also be a vlog up soon on my trip to Amsterdam so check back in a few days for that.


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