Why do we Actually Clean Make-up Brushes?

Thursday, 6 August 2015

I’ll level with you; until a few months ago I hardly ever cleaned my make-up brushes. Okay never, I never cleaned them. As a bid to be good and encourage myself to look after my brushes I bought myself the Real Techniques Core Collection. They are an absolute game changer and I’m still obsessed with them months on. AND I’ve even been keeping up with cleaning them. Usually. Especially as I now know why you actually do need to clean them.

Brushes collect make-up, oils, bacteria, dead skin cells (yeah gross) so quickly. This bacteria can spread to other brushes it’s in contact with and before you know it you have a massive breakout on your hands – urm – face. In some respects not cleaning your brushes is worse than not washing your face. You clean your face and then cover it with bacteria again. Obviously you don’t need to wash your brushes daily, your face can take a bit of days-old foundation. Some say you can go for a month without cleaning them, others say every week is necessary. I guess it depends how often you use said brushes but I try to wash them every week or two. This also improves their performance – is there any greater feeling than using freshly washed make up brushes? Yes, okay point taken. And your brushes will last much longer if you look after them, there’s no reason they can’t last years.

So there you have it. Looking after your make up brushes is all part of looking after your skin and getting the best out of them. If you fancy a post on how I clean my brushes then comment/save/g+1 (does anyone even know what that means?) this post!


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